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Yoga Foundations for Midlife Wellness
Beautiful Tulum, Mexico


Get Connected to Wellness

Dona’s mission is to share the peace and health that arise from the practice of yoga. This retreat is designed to bring yoga to beginners, sharing the foundations of the practice with midlife adults. From basic poses, to breathing and meditation, Dona will bring yoga practices that bring your body and spirit into balance and wellness.

Our retreat is designed to lead your body to better health, and allow your mind to calm.  Our morning yoga practice develops your strength, balance and flexibility, gently leading your body to a new level of wellness. Our afternoon restorative yoga sessions incorporate breath and meditation, to enable you to find complete relaxation. 


Eat Well, Be Well

 Fresh, Delicious Meals

Our retreat includes three healthy meals daily, featuring locally grown produce and fruits. Each meal includes a variety of delicious dishes, lovingly prepared to fully nourish our bodies.


Rejuvenate Your Soul

Peaceful Seaside Resort

Begin each day with our silent walking meditation, as the sun rises over the Caribbean Sea.

Our morning class is tailored to develop balance and strength, using simple yoga poses to energize our bodies and breath.

Enjoy our late afternoon restorative yoga practice, coupled with breath work, to set the stage for a truly relaxing evening. A variety of meditation techniques will be offered. One afternoon restorative session will include a full hour of Tibetan sound bowl meditation, soothing and energizing for the body.

A labyrinth on the resort offers a quiet place for mindful walking meditation or prayer.


Treat Your Body

 Spa Treatments and Massages

The wonderful practitioners in the spa offer many treatment options to soothe your body. Spa options include massages and traditional Mayan treatments.


Play and Explore

The retreat includes two excursions: one exploring Aktun Chen caverns and swimming in clear, cool Xunaan-Ha cenote; the second takes us to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, where Mayan ruins and a float through an ancient canal connecting lagoons await us.

Optional additional tours are available to explore the Tulum Ruins, a short distance from the resort, and Coba ruins or Yal-Ku lagoon. 

The beautiful Caribbean Sea is warm and offers swimming and snorkeling. Nearby adventure options include fishing and parasailing.



Rest And Relax


 Hammocks and lounge chairs provide a wonderful view of the water, while you enjoy a book or a nap.

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Reserve Your Retreat

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